21st July 2019


If you have taken an interest in the many benefits that Sauna has to offer, then this page is for you!

Here we will be posting information in the form of website links, podcasts and articles providing you with all the current (and ancient) research that has gone into the benefits of regular Sauna use and the science behind it.

We’re big fans of being able to conclusively demonstrate the benefits of what we do at Regener8 Saunas, so we prefer articles that have been peer-reviewed, or the results of clinical trials; there is no pseudoscience here!

Of course, we will also post other videos and websites related to health and longevity for your viewing pleasure – sometimes it’s just nice to read something light about how great having a Sauna can be, and after all, relaxation is a part of staying healthy!

Dr Jari Laukannen and team have published a study showing the effects of regular sauna use and cardiovascular mortality.

The study involved 1688 men and women of all ages who used saunas in varying frequencies.

The study shows that the more regular you sauna, the less chance there is of developing cardiovascular and age related illnesses.

Check the study out here –