The Science

Hot and Cold Therapy has been around for a long time. Evidence of cave saunas dating back to 2000 BC have been claimed, however their use would have been more for surviving freezing temperatures than relaxation. Saunas these days are usually associated with Finland. Despite a population of just over 5 million people, Finland has an impressive 3 million saunas to share between them — far outnumbering their cars — while ‘Finnish saunas’ are now found in gyms and spas almost everywhere on Earth. To this day, newer research is frequently supporting their numerous and undeniable health benefits

Ice baths have most likely been around for much longer as no special structure is needed – all it takes is a winter dip in a frozen lake or flowing river. Running hot water is a relatively new luxury on the scale of things, only becoming available to the public within the past two hundred years – bathing in cold water would have been the only option for most up until this point. The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus is one of the oldest surviving medical texts created in the 1600 B.C. This text made numerous references to the use of cold as therapy.B

Top health benefits of heat therapy

  • Longer life — seen in surveys done in Finland
  • Heart health — reduces resting heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Fitness — Red blood cell count increases. Heat tolerance increases.
  • Muscle Growth — if done after exercising.
  • Injury –speeds up repair of injured muscles.
  • Brain — helps builds new brain cells. Can reduce symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Diabetes — better blood sugar control
  • Detox – Flush out heavy metals and toxins through sweat

Top benefits of cold therapy

  • Burns fat — generating heat burns calories
  • Immunity — increases white blood cells
  • Depression — releases positive brain endorphins
  • Muscle — improves endurance
  • Reduces inflammation — for treatments like osteoarthritis or back pain
  • Sleep — cold triggers sleep hormones
  • Diabetes — better blood sugar control

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