Welcome to an incredible health experience

During the past 11 years of my martial arts journey, I have often been drawn to health and longevity. Aside from unarmed combat, I also have a great interest in exercise, health and nutrition; researching, learning from members of the community and following scientists leading in the field of health and regeneration. Many times along my journey, two ancient methods providing powerful health benefits have resurfaced…. Saunas and Ice Baths.

Hot and Cold. Fire and Ice. Saunas and Ice Baths work by stressing the body to improve health and fitness. There is actually real science behind this, backed by countless studies and promoted by leading scientists and athletes such as Dr Rhonda Patrick and Iceman – Wim Hof.

My own experiences of saunas, cold showers and ice baths during the past 7 years have been incredible. Physically and mentally, the health benefits are undeniable. I’ve seen the proof for myself!

So, I had an idea; To bring hot and cold therapy to the community – touring, events, hire and purchase.

Welcome to REGENER8

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